11/1/15 WEWRIWA

There was, years ago, an old saying: Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet; give me something good to eat. On that charming note, we end Halloween Night. Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end. Last night, we drove to the city to meet Don’s cousin who qualified for the Marathon. All the way from California, this darling girl flew and we had a great time. Acting days of yore returned to me. I was in my glory carrying on like looney tunes, having a ball.

And now back to Dr.D and the Dad. When last seen, Diane opened the door and let Tony into her life


Holding up the big graceful pink shell that carried an echo of the ocean, he said, “Where did this conch shell come from, I’ve never seen one this large.”
“My folks liked to canoe all over so every year we went down south to the Keys and there it was half buried in a dune.”
“Your home is so, um, cozy is the word, filled with things you care about,” and then Tony lifted Tiger and draped him around his wide shoulders and my damn cat purred loud enough for me to hear.
His obvious delight in learning about me and my background filled an empty place in my heart.

“Let’s make dinner unless you’d like to go out cause I’m a good short order cook.”
“ I must warn you, I haven’t shopped in days so slim pickings are what’s available in the fridge and you’re welcome to check it out.”
He leaned over peering in, my tabby clinging to his shoulders.
Nice butt, I thought.
“How ‘bout omelets with cheese and um, Diane, you have beautiful tomatoes.”
I covered my boobs, realized his head was still in the fridge while mine was in the gutter.

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34 thoughts on “11/1/15 WEWRIWA

  1. Laughing, “Diane, you have beautiful tomatoes.”
    I covered my boobs, realized his head was still in the fridge while mine was in the gutter.” I think I adore Diane! Terrific snippet.

  2. Haha! Always nice when a guy checks out your tomatoes. 😉 Sounds like real life is as magical as fiction in your world right now, Charmaine. I love reading your intros, and the excerpts themselves are marvelous too!

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