11/15/15 WEWRIWA

Hi gang, Daugher and grandest are sick so it’s me to the rescue. More about Dr. D. and Tony Flanagan at the clinic.


“I told the truth but what I left out is I have foster children, three right now. That’s why I bought a big house because I need to give back for all the years my wife withered away for vanity. She was anorexic and sick, yes and nothing I tried brought her back to reality. Moving here, away from my past, I’m able to help children in a positive way. Hopefully the agency will find a good home for Maria and the other kids. Meanwhile I won’t let them wander from home to home when I can provide a caring place for them.” He raked long fingers through his dark hair. “Here I go again on a platform. Please forgive me for not telling you last night, I should have known you’d understand.”

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42 thoughts on “11/15/15 WEWRIWA

  1. You are the real Dr. D, taking care of your girls. I’m sure they’re getting the best care imaginable. 🙂 As for the fictional version, she’s wonderful too, and she’s found herself one heck of a guy!

  2. Fostering for the win! There should be more books that talk about fostering as a potentially life-saving set of carers rather than a heartless “system.” Sometimes children need “just for now” homes, and foster parents fill that void.

    And now I can get off my rant as well! 🙂 Great to see a character who is involved in the system, and not necessarily in a “trial run before adoption” scenario.

  3. Well sure he has a flaw, that makes him human 🙂 The cool part is seeing how Dr D responds to it and how their relationship changes because of it. Come to think of it it, she must have flaws too. The clash of flaws is what makes life interesting! Looking forward to more, as always.

  4. Ah, I knew he’d have some kind of explanation, but I hadn’t expected something so noble! Definitely an interesting can of worms for a single guy to find himself in. Nice story so far!

  5. Flaw or no flaw, Tony seems to be a very worthwhile human being. Enjoyed the excerpt, loving the whole story (as always with your tales). I hope your family feels better soon and that you don’t catch the bug too. HUGS!

  6. Thanks, Dani. There’s a lot to this story including some hot sweet romance. Tune in for a good time.
    Thanks for good wishes about the family. I’m fine. For an 84 year old lady I’m still having fun and wasting no time. And my hubs is a peach.

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