11/22/15 WEWRIWA

DD ereader with handsThe trees are bare; our lawn is golden instead of green. What a gorgeous time of the year except for darkness; she covers the light and night falls too soon.

Dr. D discovered Tony Flanagan’s secret last week. He’s a good man opening his home and heart to foster children; a man to love.


Hacienda for Tiger and me as he pressed against my ankles in need of food. If he knew how to sing, the Rolling Stones “I Don’t Get No Satisfaction,” would be his choice.  Then I saw a message light blinking on the land line and thought please no emergency.
Tony’s voice and my heart beat faster when he said, “Diane, if you can forgive me, please forgive me, let’s have dinner at one of your favorite places and since I don’t know the area very well, pick somewhere special where we can clear the air and get to know each other.
“Hi, Tony here,” and I laughed, the sound of his voice music, a symphony to my weary ears. “ Pick me up at eight, I know just the place, The Conch House on the ocean.”
A date, what do you think about that, Diane, not bad for starters like a baby learning to crawl, then walk, there’s hope. I weighed myself, not a pound gone; I don’t ask for much so I’ll walk every day, eat healthy and see what happens. If by tomorrow I haven’t lost two pounds, I’ll go back to my slothful lifestyle.

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27 thoughts on “11/22/15 WEWRIWA

  1. I admit I got a little confused, I thought the line ~“Hi, Tony here,” and I laughed, the sound of his voice music, a symphony to my weary ears. ~ should have been before his message.

    But boy did I ever chuckle about her diet/weight loss expectations and be willing to give it TWO days, that was so funny. Great humor.

  2. At least you’re enjoying the season. We got a bunch of cold wet snow this week. Thick and heavy snow that caused branches and power lines to fall over, in some cases whole trees fell over. Bah! LOL Not a fun time to be taking 911 calls.
    Anyhow, great scene. I love the freshness of the whole dating thing. Such a good feeling.

  3. Two things I really enjoyed about this excerpt: The cat’s theme song (my cat has the same one), and the inner monologuing about losing weight. That was my mantra for years! Now I’m not even sure there’s a working scale in the house! C’est la vie!

    • I’m on the slender side yet writing about her weight came easy. I guess because it’s a major theme with women. Even my hubs gained and lost so he’d fit in his good clothes. More as Diane watches slim Tony eat Lobster with many pats of butter on his potato.

  4. Oh, to I feel her pain of trying to lose weight. In my youth it was about vanity, now it’s for health, but not matter the reason, it’s always a struggle. Have a great turkey day!

  5. Think slim, hold the butter and skip the bread and ice cream. You’ll drop the weight. It’s really no biggie.

    Happy and healthy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. Auf Wiedersehen. I used to speak German fairly well. Long time passing.

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