11/29/15 WEWRIWA

The weather is still delightful. Thanksgiving Dinner was also amazing. Daughter’s almost new relatives invited for the best dinner ever. I’ll have to tune up my Italian to speak well.

And now back to Dr. D and the Dad. Diane is invited to dinner at Tony’s home. GPS didn’t say recalculating more than two times as I drove to the bay side of town. Just before the bridge, a right turn brought me to his big house facing the water. Painted a sunshine yellow with blue shutters and a wrap-around porch, he had a fenced-in yard with a swing set and playhouse where two little kids played and a big White Labrador ran after them. And Tony called my house cozy. This was a page from House Beautiful or an old Norman Rockwell painting.
I carried a basket of children’s books, apples and bananas and stepped up to ring the bell. Tony opened the door before I had a chance. He set bells ringing when he swept me into his arms and planted a kiss, one on each cheek, before setting me down.
“Sammy fell down by the sandbox n’ sand’s in his mouth.”

Reaching inside Sammy’s mouth, I found a lot of wet sand and kind of hand shoveled it out, “Spit, Sammy, spit.” Still crying and half choking, he did and threw-up on my sandals. “Water, hurry and Tony poured some in a cup; Sammy sipped and spit out more until the water ran clear

“Pardon me for asking a personal question, this is an expensive undertaking but where did the money come from?”
He walked to the bay window and stood very still.

Something inside me gave a warning that my new friend Tony with fast mood swings had a problem.

“Maura had a lot of money invested well and she left everything to me so that’s when I began to think about giving back and now I’m fifty, living a good life with my work and the children but I’m not fulfilled.  And suddenly I fell over you on the beach yesterday and something clicked.”

He kissed me, long, slow, and deep and this time our tongues touched and suddenly I felt a fire begin low where none had been for years so I reached around his neck and pulled him close;DD ereader with hands
then the clock ticked in the kitchen warning me to get out before we became too involved.





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33 thoughts on “11/29/15 WEWRIWA

  1. Oh man, I can feel the heat from that fire burning inside her. Such a powerful scene. Very happy to hear you had a great Thanksgiving! It would be impossible for them (or anyone) not to like you! 🙂

  2. I like every detail of the descriptions – the house, the dog, the beach…well maybe not the sand throwing up part LOL. But now I have some alarm bells about Tony…..there’s intrigue in paradise, it seems. Terrific excerpt and I’m so glad your family holidays were fun!

  3. Tantalizing kisses to make her forget about vomit on her feet. That’s one great kisser. Okay, what’s he hiding. lol Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. Ok, I had to laugh about your GPS comment and “recalculating” (and you know why, lol)
    He seems just a bit too eager… Great descriptions.

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