12/6/15 WEWRIWA

What a great month coming up and the weather continues to be delightful. Memories everywhere.

Here comes a post from Dr. D and the Dad where she comes to grips for her feelings for Tony only a week after they have  met.  But what happens DD ereader with handsnext?

She returns from Jacksonville after visiting her best friend Kim for advice about Tony’s condition of bi-polar. Yes, he takes Lithium, passes the test and does well but what’s next for them?

Diane  finds  Tony asleep on a lounge chair on the patio: my house: my chair :my Tony, who  didn’t stir when I turned the lights on so out they went. After feeding Tiger and covering Tony with a blanket, wine glass in hand filled with Chardonnay, I toasted to friendship, love and the road ahead. He looked so delicious lying there, I had mixed feelings. Wake the man and send him home? My rational mind said yes; my body said no. And he decided for us when he pulled me on top of him and we kissed, kissed, kissed. He slipped his hand under my new shirt and circled my nipple through my bra.
I grabbed his hand and together we almost raced into my maiden house where no man had been before except to have an omelet and that guy was Tony. No worry about birth control at my age I longed to strip his clothes off.


He grinned, “I know, let’s try us on for size and see if we fit.”
I flushed down to my toes and dark places in my body lit up. He’d made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.
We tiptoed to my room not to disturb Tiger sleeping with his belly full. Tony closed the bedroom door and checked out the queen sized bed with a pink duvet and an attached bathroom. Gazing around my room I saw it from a male perspective, so girly for a grown woman. Wished I was thinner but he didn’t seem to care and then he stripped down to nothing. I gasped at him standing at attention for me, Chubby Diane with the curly blond hair.
“Diane,” he stared down at me, “I’m going overboard for you right now.”
I don’t know where he learned how to make love or did it come naturally from years of yearning but by the time we finished , we both cried with tears of joy. We held hands, breathed deep in sync, I’d never been so happy, so complete, so orgiastic and
I slept, satiated for the first time in my life.

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33 thoughts on “12/6/15 WEWRIWA

  1. I really like this line “I gasped at him standing at attention for me”. And very true about sleeping after being satisfied. Nice.

  2. Aw, I love how intense their connection is. They have the makings of a very sweet couple and I love how she noticed the girliness of her bedroom as seen through his eyes.

    Putting on my moderator hat, I have to mention that you have 11 sentences here and our limit is 10. Normally we delete links from our linky list if somebody goes over 10, but this week I’ll just leave a reminder. Don’t forget to count carefully next week, since we do love seeing your posts. 🙂

  3. This is the first I’ve seen of this story, Charmaine, but it’s quite lovely. I too love the “at attention” line–reinforcing that men can make their interest known so easily. LOL Excellent snippet!

  4. Wished I was thinner but he didn’t seem to care and then he stripped down to nothing. I gasped at him standing at attention for me, Chubby Diane with the curly blond hair.
    Like this. We women worry far more than men about how we look. Sweet.

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