12/13/15 WEWRIWA

Can you believe the weather out here in New York? Sixty five degrees today and having fun with grandest raking leaves  then stuffing them in tall bags. I’m loving the Frank Sinatra Hundred Year Birthday Celebration. What a thrill to hear him sing.

Today I have a WIP, no title folks so think about it and I appreciate all comments.

Excerpt:“Happy Birthday to me,” Liz Daniels sang to herself while arranging the last shelf of greeting cards in her new shop located in an odd little corner on Fourth Street in New York. Let the customers race in to watch me design some unique cards. Valentine’s Day approached in a week and she hadn’t started but ideas flowed in her creative mind.
She rolled up her pristine white sleeves, tied the big painter’s apron around in the back and began. On a cream colored blank card, she wrote in a fine script using red ink, ‘I see London, I see France, I’d like to see your underpants.’ Liz pushed back her curly red hair and wondered, does this work? and with care, she added ‘Happy Valentine’s Day to my loved one.’
She designed eleven more; let them dry and set them in a rack aside from the regular cards she ordered from a supplier. The sign above the cards said Original cards by Liz Daniels.
“Now for the next one, ‘Come with me, Climb a tree, I’ll help you up holding your B cups’ Happy Valentine’s Day to one who is stacked.’   Forty eight years old and still scrabbling along, Harvard Business School be damned.

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38 thoughts on “12/13/15 WEWRIWA

  1. Very cute snippet, Ironically I used to have a friend by the name of Liz who lived all the way downtown and handmade her own greeting cards – I was able to picture her in your scene.

  2. Love the greeting card messages. How fun. I always find it a challenge to produce the “writing within writing,” such a song lyrics, poetry, even a news report contained within a story. Strange, isn’t it? It’s like you have to be extra creative.

  3. Love the card messages, Charmaine! Liz sounds like a wonderful, creative and a little bit out there character. Lovely! As for a title, what’s the story about? Do the cards play a major role? I’ll keep thinking about a title.

  4. Ha! So cute and clever, Charmaine! Love it. I’ll think on a title too. The first one that leaped into my mind was Season’s Greetings–a play on the ‘greeting cards’. Maybe you could make her last name something that sounds like or rhymes with seasons and use that in the title instead. 🙂

  5. I love it! Another wonderful character I want to have lunch and go shopping with. (Actually I wish you and I could do that someday and compare notes LOL.) And I want to buy some of her cards. Great snippet! Hugs to you, my friend.

  6. What a humorous snippet! I smiled at Chelle’s comment because this also brought to mind someone close to the family when I was growing up. “Uncle Rufus” had a little shop where he designed his own funny greeting cards. Love it.

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