12/27/15 WEWRIWA

The weather outdoors is delightful. Who can believe 70 degrees in December and yet it’s here on Christmas day. Forget the snow. Let’s take a walk. I love it. I finished My Valentine story with a lot a laughs. Here’s an excerpt from the beginning:

Father had said “Daughter, you’re hopeless, too off beat to settle down.”  She drank a cuppa delicious coffee and finished eleven more of ‘Let it snow.’ When the door opened, a nice looking young man walked in.
“I’m Ken from the computer store next to you and I um, shoveled your part of the walk again. It’s kinda cute by comparison since our place is big, we’ve been here for years and carry a whole bunch of electronic gear.You’re a funny chick from the cards I see  so how about dinner tonight?”
“Ken, I’d love it, pitiful describes last night’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”
“Cool, I’ll pick you up at seven thirty.”
She smiled, waved goodbye, her heart sang for a dinner date, oh my God, I’m not a loser; ‘What will I wear, do I dare, to wear underwear? She wrote a new card in black, white, and red ink, to my Valentine’s Date, don’t be late.’

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26 thoughts on “12/27/15 WEWRIWA

    • She is a lot of fun, Teresa. I do wonder about her unusual cards since I wrote them. I’m thrilled to feel the New Years approach and our anniversary coming soon. December 28 where all the guests sang “Fairy Tales can come true, it can happen to you when you’re young at heart as Don and I walked down a makeshift aisle. Me in my white satin gown ; Don in a tux.

    • The year we married, there was an awful blizzard and we had relatives fly in from the West coast. The day proved to be bright and sunny despite the snow and a house full of guests. When my publisher said write a story about Valentine’s Day, this is what came out. Hugs to you, my friend and the happiest ever New Year.

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