1/17/16 WEWRIWA

Author Charmaine Gordon

I’m not having a good time this week. Vertigo has attackaked this aged person causing to do so much damage, I can hardly describe enough. Black and blue all over and blood where ever I look plus an awful bruise on my forehead on my legs when I fell off my bed. Other than  that, everything is perfect.

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She Didn’t Say No-This is being used for a movie titled If We Left. The producer wanted a HOT scene.

I focused on studies; my goal to be a veterinarian required concentration and high grades. The library emptied most Saturday afternoons as the campus prepared for dates, parties and events that had nothing to do with me, a country girl from way upstate New York with ambition and parent’s expectations of greatness from their only child. One student, I’d seen him before, a guy called a BMOC, Big Man On…

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11 thoughts on “1/17/16 WEWRIWA

  1. Oh no, Charmaine! I commented from my blog but not sure it will make it as it deleted before I sent so I’m posting here. I’m so sorry. I had a mile case one summer and the meds they gave me made me feel like I was dying. I turned to an exercise I’d saved from the paper years ago when my neighbor was suffering. I tried it is and felt almost immediate relief. I continued to to them for weeks in the morning. My father-in=law had an episode and I told him about them. He came by a couple of weeks later and thanked me as he felt so much better. Here’s a linK: http://www.webmd.com/brain/brandt-daroff-exercise-for-vertigo-16844 You can also search You Tube for a visual on how to do them. I’d do them on both sides until you find the problem ear. It settles the particles in your ear that are causes the problem. Prayers to you

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