1/24/16 WEWRIWA

Thanks to everyone for your love and good wishes for the Vertigo. I’ve gone to a different doctor who will hopefully bring health to me.

She Didn’t Say No step two.

The innocent Grace Meredith takes a drive to Nyack Beach with Scott Dwyer where they share a kiss or two. On the way home they pass her apartment where she lives alone.

“I’ve admired you for months at the library and here we are.”

Is this where I say come up or what? and then I heard myself asking if he’d like to to come up and we’re kissing in my quiet apartment where no one ever came until now. Hearing about it and reading books is not the same.

First we sat on the couch and necked and that led to him, oh so politely, asking if he did this and that and soon we were naked on my maiden double bed with pink flowered sheets and a matching spread.

Do you have protection? Um, oh protection!


Say No CVR ARe

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28 thoughts on “1/24/16 WEWRIWA

  1. I love the dreaminess of her summary of ending up naked; by skipping details you create an interesting feeling. And good luck with the vertigo. My sister has Miniere’s, which strikes at unexpected times, so I know (secondhand) how debilitating dizziness can be.

  2. I like the juxtaposition of what they’re about to do opposite her maiden bed with pink flowery sheets.

    From a girl to a woman…

    I really hope this new doc gets your vertigo under control, dear girl. ❤

  3. Hope the new doc takes good care of you and gets this figured out!

    Love the “maiden double bed” with her girly sheets and spread. I had one of those in college! The maiden bed, I mean, all girly-looking. 🙂

  4. I have family members with vertigo so I have a sense of how disruptive it can be. Sure hope that new doctor gets it under control for you. Wishing you the best, as always!

    Fun excerpt, I like how you gloss over most of the details, doesn’t slow the story down that way yet we can guess what went on. Hope you pick up from here next week!

  5. Dear good friend. I’m doing my best right now so please don’t feel sorry for me. I’m not poor Charmaine. I need a favor from you. I can’t seem to find the WEWRIWA clue so I may find my pals easily. HELP! I thought I had It. Best to your family friends with the awful vertigo.

  6. This dialogue seems to hark back to another time – a much more innocent time, when people drifted into sex, almost accidentally; compared to now, when women can be as voracious as men, and not be judged harshly.

    • She Didn’t Sat No and got in big trouble. It’s a delicious tale, Thanks for the wonderful pinterest link. I’m honored to be such a part of this. Big job, my dear. Story is ready in spite of myself. Don will send it today.

  7. Oh yes, protection is important! A shame to stop there, but hopefully it’s just a pause. 😉 Hope the new doctor helps with your Vertigo!

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