1/31/16 WEWRIWA

Still plugging along and hoping for the best. Possible Physical Therapy coming soon. Crossed fingers.

She Didn’t Say No- Part 3

Vowing to love each other forever, finish school in a few years and begin a life together, we became the hottest unlikely new couple on campus, the studious girl and the BMOC, with school first the priority. We made a promise not to interfere with our different plans because I’d be off to Purdue and he hadn’t solidified his plans yet.
A month later I missed my period, always on time, first I worried and kept it to myself and then frantic, I told him a big fat lie. Crossing my fingers and hoping to die for what I was about to say, I called my dearest love, “I’m sick with the flu and don’t want you to catch it.” By the second late period, I was sure and skipping classes and having someone bring assignments to my apartment, I completed my work. Heartbroken, the practical side of me decided Scott must never know and I couldn’t burden his life, ruin his career with a baby. As for me, I’d go to Buffalo, tell my parents and they’d help me solve the problem.

My Dearest Scott, I’m saying goodbye, not because I want to but because I have to. Our paths are too divergent to survive the long wait until we can be together and you must go your way and I have to go mine.

The letter made no sense; choices made with no guidance; choices that changed our lives forever.

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42 thoughts on “1/31/16 WEWRIWA

  1. Ugh, honesty is the best policy. I wish she hadn’t done what she did in the snippet. Maybe if she had spoken with him… They could have figured it out, no? Then again, then there wouldn’t be a story :p

  2. Very tough choice back then (and still not a picnic!). She’s easy to sympathize with. Good that she has family she can go to with something of this magnitude, but what a hard conversation that will be!

    • Marcia, her parents turn their backs and so Grace is on her own. This happens within a page and off she goes to seek a life. And she does. It’s a delicious tale. A film producer read it and wants to use the book in the story he’s telling. Interesting. Son Paul and wife are coming in from Denmark to take care of Momma for a week.. I’m so weary of staying home and not driving right now..
      Just began a new book-a thriller for a change. Exciting.

  3. I enjoyed that story – I think it was one of the first by you I read. Excellent excerpt today. I hope the physical therapy will help (is this the vertigo still?). Sending good thoughts and a hug!

  4. I am old enough to remember the pre-pill days, when young couples rushed to marry at 16 when a baby was on the way, or else the girl disappeared for a couple of months and the baby was adopted. Your words were poignant, and took me right back to those days.

  5. Like in life, our characters don’t do what makes sense. If they did, there would be no conflict for the story. She did what most girls did in that era. Now they do selfies and post everything on Snapchat and Instagram. There are some good things about the past! Hope physical therapy helps! Too long to to have your head swimming. Prayers and hugs!

  6. That’s quite a sacrifice she’s making. I don’t think I agree with her. If nothing else, the baby deserves to know his/her father. It’s also interesting to me that she didn’t want to interfere with his schooling, yet she’s the one with the definite plans (off to Purdue), while he’s undecided.

  7. Definitely a life changing decision. I curious to know how this will all play out.
    Link to Pinterest for our snippet board-https://www.pinterest.com/karenmnutt/snippet-sunday-posts/

  8. I know that this was done all the time in the 60s, but boy what a bad choice to make. I keep hoping she’ll relent, that he’ll come after her. Their lives are going to change forever either way. Better to face it together, don’t you think? Great snippet!

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