The Son Also Rises . . .Again

News from Denmark even though Eva and Paul will be here for a week taking care of me-Mom.

Paul writes:

so this seems a little like one of my nice weeks where a bunch of requests for my artistic sensibilities are arriving at the same time.
1. asked to choreograph Rite of Spring with live professional quintet
2. asked to join the artistic team for TeaterSolaris, a cool theater company with a real strong go-getter with good vision and a supportive staff, family and a super cool Mansion to present our work in. Thank you Sananda Solaris (I’m talking about you here!)
3. more interesting teaching opportunities with schools in various schools
4. asked to continue creating and hosting a talk show that will be shot live for TV quality web broadcast in the fall.
5. co-sponsorship for my one-man show in the fall.
6. excellent collaborator/consultant Octavio Campos already in Berlin and ready to join me here to work together.
7. new collaboration with Kristian Dinesen starting up… interactive street theater fun to make!
8. New children’s theater group of ours starting up this year.
9. start working with some dancers as soon as I return from NYC trip… build a new ensemble.

The amount of groundwork being done month after month sometimes yields results, huh?

Show biz is a tough biz in a country where everything is different and there’s no rush.

Eva and Paul on their wedding day. Love them so much. She-the incredible artist and Paul- the multi-talented performer. They are wearing rings we wore years ago1383259_10200724043359140_1842506079_n


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