And Then She Said. . .

Grandest, her Mom and Poppa went skiing on one of the coldest yuck day this week. They left me at home with four cats, toasty warm, feeling better and my computer all to myself. New book happening between a nap here and there. Meds are going to kill this woman. But today, I ran over to have fun outside with grandest. We pick up sticks, she rides the swing out front, we shared a gluten free pizza and the settled in, me to write and she practiced texting. Way too funny.

Eventually she came in to check out my work, writing, that is. I added a therapy dog to this hot story and called her Busy after my friend Judy Audevard’s well known Kizzy. When Grandest heard the word Busy, she cracked up and shook her head. No way , Granny. Call her Lizzie. We tried it out and sure enough, the name fit much better.

Takes my eight year old to set me straight.



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