And Then She Said. . .

Joy fills my heart when: the school bus comes close-door opens and here comes my grandest to run into my arms. Yesterday a neighbor stopped by ;her daughter came off the bus and the girls had a wild and crazy time on the front swings. Wonderful to watch although a bit of nostalgia comes . Oh yes. I did a lot of things and had some great times growing up, the middle child-the only girl at a time when boys were way more valuable.

Did I mope about it? No way. I danced, sang, acted my way into people’s hearts eventually becoming a small fish in the big pond in New York. Now at age 85, I’m having an epiphany. Carefully I walk without the cane. Yippee! More to come for this aged person and why? It’s Grandest who leads the way. Here she is in all her sweetness helping her precious mom walk the dogs. She has Gracie on the lead, Mom has Tommy.

I love this family. Just wanted to share a moment today.

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