The Son Also Rises. . .

With a wallop this time. My youngest son, Paul, multi-talented as a performer and he also writes with insight and clarity. I discovered this when he and Eva came to NY to care for me during the serious illness in January. As you, my friends know, nothing stops me from writing. Paul came into my small office as I typed . He watched and gently lifted my bones up and out of his way after saying , “Whoa.”

He read a chapter and before my eyes, took it apart to clarify the meaning. “Think more about how to write what you have in mind. Don’t rush. Make sense of the situation.”

Somewhere in the distant past, I recalled my publisher saying, don’t rush. Paul hit a home run with me years later. I began again. While they were here, as I returned to health, I wrote a little and when, to my sadness, they had to leave, Paul asked me send chapters he would edit and return. And so a collaboration formed, mother and son. I suggested he do consulting and editing for other writers. Long distance works with Skype and email. He laughed and said it’s part of what I do, Mom.

So I’m spreading the word. Many of you have read my work  and know I’m no slouch at putting words together. One consultation on Skype plus one edited chapter of five pages-fifty dollars. After that the cost is twenty five dollars per 5 edited pages. That takes Paul ninety minutes of work. The concept is to help writers think more about how to write what they have in mind, to express what they want.


Paul and Eva on their wedding day. What a team. She is a well known artist and he, well he is my extra ordinary son.

Thanks for your support, my friends.











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