3/20/16 WEWRIWA


SPRING!!!!  OMG, how exciting. So what it may snow fall for a day or two. This has been a great winter.

Here comes the further adventures of Charlie Costigan. Aunt and uncle have given her the choice of private school or public. She doesn’t want to cause them to spend extra money but off uncle takes her to  the best private school nearby. Dressed in new clothes, Charlie straightens her shoulders as she leaves the limousine. Uncle Stuart introduces her to his friend , the head mistress, and tells her to call Robert when she is finished with testing.


I sat alone in a large room filled with, I did quick scan, fifty desks;”When the clock strikes eight thirty, begin,” said Sally the proctor and she disappeared.

I finished in fifty five minutes; she returned  to find me eating an apple and drinking from a bottle of water.

Stunned, she said, “It always takes at least two hours to finish so now I’ll take you to the head mistress.”

Confident I aced everything, multiple choice is good if you have multiple personalities.

Mrs. Larimore left her important place behind her desk and sat next to me, a frown between her eyebrows. “The girls who attend Hamilton Academy are from privileged backgrounds and from what I understand you come from a small town in Minnesota, a different social strata.

Yeah, I got it, they ‘re rich__ and I’m a dirt farmer, by comparison.

Sally burst in with my test scores saying “you’ve got to see this.”

After reading my scores, Mrs. Larimore smiled and asked if I’d like to see the playing field, the gymnasium, lunchroom.

“Thank you but no , I’ll call Robert to bring me back to my family to discuss this morning”; and Charlie straightened her new clothes and left leaving Mrs. Larimore speechless.

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42 thoughts on “3/20/16 WEWRIWA

  1. You had me at ‘multiple personalities’. I wonder what’s going on with her. I did notice, though, that starting at 8:30 and finishing in 55 minutes, she’d be only halfway through by 9:00.

  2. Oh my, the change of attitude at the test score. I can’t believe that a headmistress can be so prejudice about a new student according to where they come from. What is wrong with the world!
    Also I agree with Ed, you have a little time glitch.

  3. Good way to show how smart she is.
    You must have fixed the time glitch before I got here, because it looks good to me. I did wonder, isn’t the proctor supposed to stay in the room? Part of what they do is ensure no one cheats.

  4. Wow multiple personalities! That must the interesting to write! Thanks for checking up on me and I hope you’re feeling better than you were when I was here last.

    • That’s a Charlie joke. She’s also funny. As for me, I’m so fine. The latest meds have helped restore my voice. I will never sing again but at least I can talk. YIPPEE! 12 years of botox injection in the larynx didn’t help much-just a wee bit. That’s when I thought about writing. Sad to lose one’s voice and sad is not me. So happy you returned, GF.

  5. Go Charlie, go Charlie! I like that she says no to seeing the school. Might set the matron’s nose straight a bit. I be Charlie is going to do some changing of others as well. Good excerpt.

  6. I really liked this snippet. It portrayed her smarts, the condescending attitude of those in charge and — the multiple choice for multiple personalities was GOLD! Excited to see what happens next 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying your springtime!!!

    • I never did and I was really smart. Of course, Charlie is fictional yet so real to this writer. I’m sad to see it end with Together, Again. Tied up with secrets revealed and smart twin sisters at last home in Chicago with generous aunt and uncle Alfred. Thanks, Ms. V.

  7. I loved the phrase ‘multiple choice is good if you have multiple personalities.’ You have such a wonderful writing style, Charmaine, I would probably enjoy even a shopping list, written by you! You are definitely on my TBR list (which grows longer by the minute).

  8. Many choices ahead for this brilliant fifteen year old. If you are interested and haven’t read Reconstructing Charlie, get a copy and see how an inexperienced writer put together a good story. Thanks, Caitlin.

  9. I like her self-confidence, not an easy thing for a young girl who has lived such a hard life to have. I chuckled about the proctor returning to find her eating an apple and drinking water.

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