A few Moments with Harrison Ford. . .

This one bears repeating, friends. Fun with a stranger on the set of Working Girl.

Of course, I’m the stranger this time. During the break at World Trade Center Building 7, shy me waltzed over to the handsome man dining on a hot dog.  I told him how I loved his scene in Witness-the loft in the barn where he was working on his car and he sang, “Don’t know much about history. . .” We laughed, he gave me a bite of his hot dog and we whirled around in a dance until they called “places.” What a Sweet time and that was my first movie, a part where Mike Nicols had me sing Happy Birthday to Melanie Griffith, hold a huge cake and a batch of balloons.

We met a few months later in an elevator going down. I said, “Hi Mike, you gave the  singing Happy Birthday in Working Girl.” He nodded and said, “Of course I did.”

The elevator opened and we went our separate  ways. This was after  work on Regarding Henry, another Harrison Ford movie. I was the nurse in the emergency room after he got shot. Fortunately the man lives to work and work many times more.

I hope you enjoy theses tidbits  from the Sweet Time when I had a voice. Actually-good news. Primidone is helping me and I almost sound good again. Love to all.

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4 thoughts on “A few Moments with Harrison Ford. . .

  1. Thanks Ed. I so enjoy when people stop me to say, “Hey, I saw you in Working Girl, Harry Met Sally and others.” Small parts but sweet. A different life after being a home-engineer with a batch of kids for years.

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