3/27/15 WEWRIWA

Easter. . .,What a joyous holiday. Don and I have been invited to Tony’s family home but we’ll stay together this year, just the two of us with our feline family. Next year when Amy and Tony are wed and the family is big-huge-we’ll go there.  So happy holiday to all.

Last week Charlie aced the private school test and this week she tries out for the high school running team. This will be the last of our wonder girl’s story, book one. I hope you’ve all enjoyed Reconstructing Charlie, one of my early books.

excerpt;”Have a snack before we go over to the high school; I believe George Adams, the principal,will accept your scores and make room for you there. Choices, Charlie, always remember it’s the choices you make in life that determine your future.

High school; my stomach clenched with the thought of a different city, scared shitless I thought so get over yourself, you’ve got a job to do. Already sweat trickled down my pits to wet my nice tee shirt, so glad I’d worn my jacket to hide any stain and cover the slamming of my over-active heart.

Mr.Adams said my scores placed me in junior year and he asked what sport  I liked. “I’m  fast so I think track is my  best bet as heat rose in my cheeks because I’d never been on a team but I knew how to outrun rats in an alley, rats with two feet and four feet.

I figured the blond girl to be the alpha runner,top dog so this was my try out and  I ran with the fear of Dad chasing me, ran as I never had before and never heard the the Coach drive up next to me with a bottle of water.  I looked back to see the school in the distance  behind hills and woods and realized I’d been running for my life all  my fifteen years

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Together, Again

by Charmaine Gordon

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Together, Again

by Charmaine Gordon

A wealthy couple, no children in sight, answer the door one day to find a replica of the woman living there, titian hair and all. Charlie is her name and so begins the story. Years later, Charlie’s young twin sisters , now seventeen, are rescued by the same couple with a big heart. It’s a tale of love and hearts that keep on giving.















42 thoughts on “3/27/15 WEWRIWA

  1. And she will although she keeps the terrible secret. The next story, Sin of Omission, brings her younger brother Jimmy to Chicago where he becomes part of the Alfred’s clan. One by one the wicked sister Elizabeth, who threw her children away like garbage, loses her beautiful damaged intelligent children to her sister Eleanor and gracious husband Stuart, the well known lawyer.

  2. Love this piece. It demonstrates very accurately the harm that is done to children from damaged backgrounds, who often spend the rest of their lives defined by those formative years. Excellent writing.

  3. Love it, Charmaine! Strong and emotional, just the thing you do so well. I’ve enjoyed these peeks at Charlie’s life; your characters always read like they could be my neighbors or family members, so realistic. Happy Easter to you and yours, dear friend. 🙂


    • Marcia, you’re the best. We’ve become special pals across the miles. You’ll enjoy Together,Again, the final part of the series where secrets reveal, twin sisters are kidnapped and return to play basketball at Northwestern U. Family love that never stops giving.

    • Rats everywhere and now at last she’s free with decent people and room to live. Soon she’ll have her brother due to the kindness of their aunt and uncle and year later the twin sisters arrive to make a full house. By then Charlie is married with two children ,in business with brother Jimmy who has three sets of twins. And Aunt and Uncle never dreamed they’d have any children. I love the series! Thanks, my friend.

  4. Powerful snippet, Charmaine! The last line is very telling. I like this one too. “I knew how to outrun rats in an alley, rats with two feet and four feet.” That’s a great example of show don’t tell. That one sentence revels a lot about her life.

  5. She’s driven by her past and now with opportunities. Great snippet. I read the book and it’s great throughout.

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