4/3/16 WEWRIWA

A WIP,oh yes, she’s begun a WIP and it’s Spring although snow is forecast but who cares. Not me. Here I go with a story dreamed of. It begins in the Florida Keys. No, I’ve never been there. In all the years I lived in Sr.Augustine Beach, I never cared to drive all the way down there.My son, Paul Gordon, did the editing, I’m proud to say.

This time, in my imagination, my heroine is named Vera Mercer born in Grassy Key.The story is titled “The Doll”

In the Florida Keys, Grassy Key by name, two men sat in a small dive one hot afternoon admiring an old picture on the wall.
“Look at that. What a doll.”
“She was really somethin’, right?”
“Oh yeah, You should’ve seen her when she was a kid. She ran away to Nursing College after working for her old man a lot of years. See that guy over there behind the counter, that’s her old man.”
“Ya got that right. He’s a grade A pig, for sure.

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44 thoughts on “4/3/16 WEWRIWA

  1. Nice! Seems like there’s an interesting story to be told about this girl in the picture. 🙂

  2. What’s interesting to me is the tone this captures. It feels small town, southern, secretive. Reminds me of Fried Green Tomatoes.

    I haven’t been to the Florida Keys either, but it’s on my list.

  3. See, now I adored the snap of the dialogue in this snippet, Charmaine. Great way to lead us into what sounds like a very interesting tale. I have been to the Keys several times. You really should treat yourself someday.

  4. Intriguing snippet. I really want to either meet this girl or at least find out more about her! Always so much fun to be working on a new WIP…enjoyed the excerpt and want more definitely. HUGS!

  5. That’s an opening guaranteed to have people sticking around to find out more. Your characters always jump off the page–screen–whatever! That’s an invaluable skill to have. Stay warm, dear friend!


  6. Delightful beginning. I can see the two guys sitting there, shooting the breeze. I’ve been to the Keys a couple of times so, yeah, I got it. You did a great job to say you’ve never been.

  7. Great snippet, very different from your usual style (and I really like your writing, then and now!) and very intriguing.

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