A moment with Telly Savalas

What a day. I even got a lollipop from the big guy, and he said “who loves you.”We worked on the east side on the water just a few of us. I had a nice part playing ball with a little girl  and the bad thing was I forgot where I parked my car. Not the best plan ever.  I did locate the car, of course. Meanwhile, the staff were none too pleasant  but I kept my chin up and did my stuff. Show business has ups and downs. It can be so pleasant and so awful. Outsiders think it’s just  easy and fun. I’m here to say it’s difficult work.

Kojak: Season One (DVD)



The best part that day was The star. What a peach. So pleasant and full of fun. We lost a terrific man when we lost him.

Thanks for listening.

Charmaine -10 sATURATED_pp8x10g-72y



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