Post-traumatic stress- YIKES

Charmaine -10 sATURATED_pp8x10g-72yDear friends, while this sad bag of bones continues to rehab daily, the wonderful social worker explained my inner self to me. The sadness that envelops this happy writer periodically stems from the bad fall and subsequent damage to my body. Okay. I got that. Finally. Now my job is to keep my head up, do the rehab and attempt to walk. And I can do it. Why? Because on a daily basis, grandest is here with dearest daughter.

Last night at the earliest of dinners, Grandest fed dinner to this Granny. I, who always fed and nourished this smart child, now feeds me. It didn’t matter that turkey slices went flying, lettuce and carrots likewise, she was there with a napkin and fork going fast as she can. What a kid. And when I asked for prayers, she whispered “Grans, I do that every day.”

So here’s to the blessed grandchildren and their parents and my dear husband who is here every day to watch me sleep. Don’t fall down, please. Love with all your heart and to my dearest pal, Judy Audebard, keep Paws for a Cause coming to visit and bring joy to all who rehab. You do your work and we’ll do ours. Thanks for every tail that wags to give joy to those who are suffering right now.

A special snuggle to daughter’s Gracie, a rescue dog. She may not have a pedigree in therapy but boy does she pack a wallop in love.

Be well to all dear friends. Love, Charmaine






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