4/30/16 WeWriWa The Catch

So here I am in rehab and laughing my head off. Why?Because this unknown writer

has become popular with folks stopping by to say they looked me up on Amazon and ordered a book or two. Me with my Survive &Thrive stories and humor.

Last week The Catch, Tom Donnelly had to hire the lovely Vicki from an agency to have a date for New Year Eve.Tom thought Happy New Year to me.

excerpt :He fought the first impulse to go back to sleep, then disgusted with himself, Tom stretched his athletic body under the covers and cursed.Shelves of trophies gleamed in the shadowy darkness and framed photos of past glory hung on the wall.

Tom sat up, pressed his head with  clenched fists overcome with failure and heard

the sound of a gavel. Guilty As Charged.Sleeping pills filled the cabinet-an easy way out. Tom arranged the pills in a row then rearranged them into a formation. They looked like a football formation. He pictured the play to come; the scramble he the quarterback called for. As for me,Tom figured, there’s nowhere to go but up and flushed the capsules into the sewage of the Great City of Chicago.TC CVR

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42 thoughts on “4/30/16 WeWriWa The Catch

  1. Hey Charmaine, that is excellent news. Well done!!!

    I love the tone of this snippet… A world falling apart in a cuple of lines… And yet, a pragmatic determination to finish the game/race

  2. Wow, the backstory you’re giving him makes this all so fascinating and also sad, for him. Loved the excerpt for what it shows about the character and getting me to give him some sympathy! Well done.

  3. Hope rehab is progressing satisfactorily. It’s some comfort that you are actually selling books while in there. Not that I’m suggesting you should prolong your stay. Glad that Tom decided to flush the pills down the pan. Get better soon!

  4. Great snippet, was relieved that Tom gave his plan the literal flush! So happy to hear your little adventure in rehab is paying off with interest in your titles! I was just saying the other day that sometimes, sales can come from the unlikeliest places. A couple weeks ago I popped onto a multiplayer computer game I unwind with and happened to mention I was taking a break from editing. A fellow player picked up two of my titles on the spot. LOL.

  5. So glad Tom came back from the edge. Maybe the idea of football and his past glories helped him reject that demon. Good for him. Now the real work starts! So glad your celebrity is paying off in rehab! Get Well Soon, though!

  6. Oh, my dear friend. I went back to read about what landed you in rehab. I’m so, so sorry about your leg and I wish you a swift recovery! I’m off to buy a book in order to boost your healing energy! 🙂 xoxo

  7. lol – what some authors will do to sell books – hope you are recuperating.
    Wondering if Tom setting up the pills in football formation pulled him back. Tweeted.

  8. I’m so glad you, your rehab, and your sales are doing well. Very easy to feel the weight of his depression. Great writing!

  9. Superb excerpt! I wasn’t sure right up to the last minute what he was going to do. He’s got an inner strength that’ll see thim through anything.

    Charmaine, dear friend, I hope you’re feeling better. You have that same inner strength, you know 🙂


  10. I love this depiction of hitting rock bottom. No place to go but up. Nice!

    You are a popular guest…they’ll miss you when you’re up and about and home again.


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