WeWriWa-The Catch

Hi gang,  it’s me, in rehab day after day recuperating, I think. And would you believe this person, this writer nobody knows is in business? I can’t stop laughing. On a daily basis, strangers stop by to say they’ve looked me up on Amazon or purchased one of my nifty books. Cracks this writer up. Suddenly I’m taking percoset and I’m in business.

Last week The former Catch, Tom Donnelly had to pay a young lady from a fancy club to have a New Years date. Never before has this happened and he didn’t even have enough money.



One thought on “WeWriWa-The Catch

  1. Ah ha, trust you to take lemons and make delicious lemonade, finding all these new readers to captivate! Love it! HUGS and I’m so happy to hear this cheerful update from you, my friend.

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