No More Laughing-Hurts too much! WeWRIWA

The new Doctor said soon I’ll be well. Well, well. Not that soon.

Meanwhile we return to The Catch. Last week , Tom Donnelly’s football playing saved his life.Resolutions for the New Year is his plan. 1 Make work the first priority;More billable hours; take all the continuing ed courses demanded by the partners. Brother Patrick  warned I was heading for a fall with all the womanizing and carelessness  and now me, the younger gifted brother, was on the brink of disaster.Fingers ran through shaggy blond hair , Tom made a note to get a decent haircut and begin again.

excerpt: Apologize to the immediate family today, make amends. Can I stop drinking without help; I believe I can.Yet me, the catch with everything going had nothing today. Not too late to build a career, find the right woman and start a family.His first refusal from a girl might have begun his decline. Dressed in a tattered NU sweatshirt, sweat pants and running shoes, he hadn’t kept up with exercise as he ran down 3 flights of stairs-like everything else good for him, but this was the first day of the rest of his life. Words to live by and off he ran to wave hello and say Hi to people he didn’t know. A beginning.

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37 thoughts on “No More Laughing-Hurts too much! WeWRIWA

  1. Good to hear your are progressing! PT is hard work but hopefully will get you out sooner than later. As for Tom, don’t know he’s really faced this problem thoroughly as you have. Stay strong! God bless!

  2. Wonderful that your doctor says you’re on the right road. You can do it, Charmaine. After all, you are the epitome of the “can do” attitude!

    Some of that seems to have rubbed off on Tom, bless him. He’s bound to hit bumps along the way and I bet he won’t let that discourage him.

    Happy Mother’s Day, dear friend!


  3. Happy Mother’s Day and I’m glad to hear you have a good, upbeat doctor on your side! Sending best wishes, enjoyed the snippet. I like that he’s trying to improve his life, even if he may fail a few times. Terrific!

  4. Progress is good, keep getting better, Charmaine! Happy Mother’s day! As for the snippet, he’s definitely got the right idea. Hopefully, he’ll succeed at it too?

  5. Well, let’s hope he’s right about quitting on his own, but you know what they say about resolutions! Glad recovery for you is moving along, but yeah, never fast enough, is it?

  6. I have a new beginning like this every month or two. Resolutions are hard to keep sometimes. Fingers crossed for him. And for you too, Charmaine. I expect rehab is boring.

  7. He seems to have reached a critical turning point, and that’s good for him to acknowledge. My fingers are crossed that he actually pulls this about face off. Glad to hear you’re on the mend! Happy Mother’s Day!

  8. It’s important to take stock when you’re making resolutions and at the beginning. Good scene.

    Glad to hear the doc has you on your way to wellville, my friend. 🙂

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