Bridget Donnelly flung open the old door and hugged her baby son.  “Tommy me boy,so pleased to see ya t’day. It broke his heart to see the way she forgave his terrble behavior.

Pop’s voice bellowed from the kitchen, he’d have a lot to account for this first day of New Year.Two days later after a full day of work,Tom headed to St. Margaret’s Church where his dad was volunteer at the soup kitchen.  It was time to get to know the old man better.

Snippets from fine writers:


37 thoughts on “WEWERWA The Catch

  1. I like that he recognizes his bad behavior, and seems to be wanting to make a change. Nice snippet! 🙂

  2. Aw, really hoping things go well with his family. He seems to realize he’s got a lot of work ahead of him.

    I miss your chatty post, dear friend. I hope all is progressing for you, and that you’re taking time to rest in between the PT.


  3. He’s on the right road to redemption and his mum’s welcoming him home. Great snippet. Rest up and get totally well. {{hugs}}

  4. A “bad boy” showing remorse – a great way to get the reader invested in the character. Nice Irish flavor as well.

  5. He really does seem to have turned over a new leaf, first coming home and acknowledging what a pain he’s been to his parents, then making an effort to get to know his father. Good for Tom!

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