Hi gang, I’m leaving this swell place on Tuesday coming up. I go home to my dear Don, 5 cats and computer. I’ve written a book about therapy dogs, almost complete as of now.Imagine falling on your poor head , shoulder and way poor hip and fractured pelvic all at once. Oh well, we begin again. Love to all and we start anew.

Last week Tom Donnelly made a new start.  This week he starts his continuing education required by the lawyer company.


He hurried through the snow covered campus fighting the bitterly cold wind off lake Michigan. One night, head down, he bumped into a young woman. Her brief case went flying. “Sorry” as he raced to retrieve it but when he returned, the woman and the gloved hand were gone.He admired her long strides in high heeled boots and wanted to catch up, but she disappeared and all he remembered was  long dark hair under a red winter hat.

Curiosity got him and one night in spring he followed her all the way to her classroom where she disappeared. He asked a classmate her name. Joanne Mckenna Friedman, the guy said  but she’ll never talk to you. Very private-sticks to herself, Doesn’t date-hot and smart.

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25 thoughts on “WEWRIWA The Catch

  1. Interesting that she didn’t wait to retrieve her briefcase. I wonder why she is so private.

    Glad to hear that you are going home at last. No more falls, I hope. My Dad, who is 92, is a bit inclined to falling. One of the hazards of ageing, I guess. Stay well.

  2. Ooh, a Mystery Woman! Love the way you describe her, and her name is fantastic! So, so glad you’re going home. Sending you loads of hugs and healing vibes, my friend.

  3. Nice! Briefcase shmiefcase, go get the girl! 🙂 Happy to hear you’re on your way back home at last! What an ordeal you’ve had–but you’ve kept up the blog. What an inspiration!

  4. Brr – I know how cold that Michigan wind can be. It’s goin gto be fun following him trying to figure her out.
    And Yay!!!!! You get to go home 🙂

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