A Moment with Anthony Hopkins

Am I having fun or what? Who cares that I spent 5 weeks in the rehab -YIKES! My memories are still wonderful. This is what happened. We were up north at Mohonk shooting a months worth of The Well to Happiness or something  when I was sitting on a big bench waiting for my call time. All of a sudden this portly genmtleman stopped to speak with me. Moreover, he asked me to have lunch with him. I didn’t know he was the esteemed Anthony Hopkins. We dined, laughed, had fun and then it was time to go to work.

Anthony, call me Tony, escorted me to “places” and work began. My part was small, pretty clothes, part of a scene and good work. For a month. Wow. Wardrobe folks like my size; neat, small fit everything.

We had a few scenes together, nothing with blood and stuff but never the less ,we had fun. Mathew Broderick was in the movie and some comedian. It had to do with the Kellog Fondation, possible the first cereal-a health food movie.

Love to all. Charmaine.


6 thoughts on “A Moment with Anthony Hopkins

  1. Came home yesterday to utter chaos. Not healthy for me but here I am and unable to tidy up. Oh well. Using a walker is tricky and painful. As they say, this too shall pass. God, I hope so. but I’m fresh and clean so what the hey!

    • Alas, we have some health issues at my house, too. My wife, not me. Nothing too serious, but enough to keep us tied to our doctors for the moment. We even had to postpone a trip to visit our son in Vancouver.

      As for Effing, he doesn’t travel well. 😉

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