Regarding my pal, Judy Audevard

She’s a doer, she is. And together, while I spent five weeks in rehab recovering from a terrible fall, we worked on a story about therapy dogs. Dogs are all over the place bringing comfort and smiles to ill people. Down the halls, peeking in doors, licking hands. Wonderful delicious dogs. I’ve seen them, love them, petted these furry critters who helped my spirit grow. And now I’m home with five cats and my dear husband in a quest for health, no dogs nearby.

I ask you out there, wherever you may be, help me with my therapy and rescue dog book. I’ve spent hours writing  in an attempt to enrich the book. Judy has been awarded by the president with a silver award for service to our country. I’m so proud of her accomplishments.She works with Wounded Warriors, needy children, formed Paws for a Cause. All I can do is finish this book and make us all proud.


I require some more stories and you are the ones who have them. Send them to me. Tell me about the love you have for your pets and how you feel.

I will appreciate your effort and you’ll know this writer will tell a good tale.

Charmaine Photo for Pinterest



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