A troubled few days , dear friends, so I’ll just move on with my story, running late since I stayed at daughters for a while.

Tom Donnelly is bewitched with the pretty woman who refuses to talk, look, pay any attention to him. Here’s a bit about her background.

excerpt: Joanne McKenna Friedman ran away from home at sixteen. Her only buddy, her dad, passed on leaving her the youngest of five, an unwanted child with an unloving mom.When she got off the bus in New York, right away she got a job slinging hash in a diner warning the boss to keep his hands off her or else. She planned to get an education while living in a home for women. Until one night a man who looked like a schoolteacher offered her a ride , a place to stay, a hot tub for a bath.The first thing he said when they arrived at the apartment was that she should take a bath and as odd a suggestion it was, she went into the luxurious room and stripped, soaking in the warm water. When he entered the room naked, she realized she’d made the mistake of her life.

Used, abused, burned on her lovely skin, pawned to other men, she had to escape

and one day she did with fear hanging over her, she got a real education ; Joanne worked for Charlie Costigan, went to night school for a lawyers degree and every day, had to cover the marks on her skin left by the man who was supposed to be kind.

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42 thoughts on “WEWRIWA The Catch

  1. Concealer carried in her purse plus whatever she could. A cat scratched me down the whole side of my face a few years ago. I needed a plastic surgeon to fix my eye and every day special make-up. Hard yes but it works. Thanks, Jessica.

  2. Good to hear you’re out of the “joint!” Wow, and started another book while in the place! What a trooper! A story about a therapy dog should draw a big audience. I’m a dog lover and have had many rescues over the years. Last year this time, we lost our little black Lab, “Boo” to cancer. He’d become our baby. A few months ago we rescued a Lab/Plott hound mix who’s our 95lb fur baby, Leo. Currently, I’m writing about a former military dog handler who was injured and is trying to find his dog and along the way falls in love with a woman who trains service puppies. Hope you’re back home now and able to relax.

    • GF, I so wish we were nearby. Therapy dogs-plural plus seeing eye, greyhound and so many more. I surely recall your loss of Boo. If you so choose, a story from you could go right in the book. Sketch one out, not long ’cause there are a bunch but I’ll add more to enrich if you’d like or leave as it is-perfect the way I love your writing. -How much Boo meant to you-how you found him etc. Love, C

  3. Devastating history, but the strength to keep going and eventually escape speaks volumes about her character. I’m hoping her happy ending will be absolutely spectacular. I also hope you’re doing better next week, Charmaine. No more troubling days!

  4. Dani, I’m doing my best, making mistakes in this weirdo position with everyone watching me. Geez! Send short please. A seeing eye pup person contacted me. She raises new abused dogs. Lots of heart there. Then she turns them over to good people for the next step in growth. She also has a business. Quite a gal!

  5. Sorry that you are still struggling. My Dad is 92 and lives with me and has had a couple of falls. I try not to hover, but my heart is in my mouth whenever he wobbles. I try to get the balance between caring and fussing right. Hope next week is better for you.
    I love your writing, Charmaine. I think I will buy this one and read it. I already have one of yours on my Kindle waiting to be read. (I always buy too many and they sit in a queue.) Great piece as usual.

  6. So glad you’re finally home, Charmaine. That will do wonders for you all by itself. You know I’m keeping you in my thoughts & prayers.

    This is a marvelous excerpt, really tugs on the heartstrings. You do that so well. Looking forward to more from this story!


  7. Harsh awakening to the realities of the world. But she survives to become a lawyer. Now, it’s time to find the bastard (imo). 😀 Great story, Charmaine.

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