About my therapy/rescue dog Book!

Hey folks, I know there are wondrous pets in your home–sorry cats, not this time–

but I do need a few more stories to enrich the book in progress so how about it? Did you find a pooch in the alley, one you couldn’t resist, had a fight with your best love until he gave in. Or did you see one being abused and hurried to the rescue? Tell me your stories. You won’t regret sharing. Another dog may be saved because of your kindness. Or you may bring the sweetest pooch into your home to warm the family and you’ll never regret it.

Send your story to me, authorCharmaineGordon@gmail.com

You have my appreciation and so does the pooch.

TNBTE V 2 all three formats for announcementThree stories in one book and one has the fabulous Kizzy as a character. A man and woman search for each other and only this clever therapy dog can find them

Love, Charmaine





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