Moving right along, Joanne has a secret. She is going to night school for a law degree. She also has developed a passion to protect Charlie from Tom Donnelly just  because she heard the rumor they were boy friend/girlfriend for all of a week in college. Charlie is a married woman with a business. Protective imp, isn’t Joanne, so when Charlie and her family go to the very special Haven for the summer, Joanne loses it, goes off her cookies and races her car to beat Tom there as if he has a plan to get rid of Charlie’s  damaged husband from a car accident.

excerpt:After a quick goodby to Joanne, Charlie calls her best friend and sister-in-law, Shelley married to brother Jimmy. “Guess who called today; Tom Donnelly, that’s who!”Honey, you learned from your mother’s bad example; all guys want to get laid and you were so right to wait for Jerry.”

“How is he, Jerry?”Compared to before? Improving, I think.”

“About Tom, I think something is rotten in Denmark.”

“On the other hand give the hunk a chance; maybe he has ulterior motives.”

Charlie strode out of the building on Lake Shore Drive into the fading sun and hailed a cab. Time to go home to husband Jerry and daughter Emma, the two loves in her life.

Meanwhile Tom calls the office, speaks to a cold Joanne; he wants to know where Charlie and the gang are so he may be helpful teaching football this weekend. She throws a fit, hurries to Haven and the race is on.

for more exceptional snippets:



If you have any personal rescue or therapy dog stories  please send them to me. authorCharmaineGordon@gmail.com

Vanilla Heart Publishing is planning to publish my book but we need enough stories so pitch in. Your pooch can make headlines.





18 thoughts on “WEWRIWA The Catch

  1. I like seeing all the action and events coming into motion for your characters! A very eventful snippet, laying the groundwork for all kinds of plot twists that will be fun to read. Terrific! Hugs, my friend.

  2. Veronica, I know you like twists and turns. Where do you think I learned them, my dear friend. Hugs back atcha.
    And to Chelle, my wonder pal, you know Shelley will work on a solution for Jerry’s return to health.

  3. Sometimes attempts to interfere and try to protect people can have unforeseen consequences. It has all the makings of a complicated human plot, which I am sure you will unravel at the end. Sorry, no dog therapy stories for you.

  4. Aw now I’m worried about Jerry! Your scenes are always emotional, sometimes subtle, sometimes strong, but always believable. Hope you’re feeling well, dear friend!


    • Hi Marcia, I’ve missed you so much. An improvement here. I can walk like Frankenstein. Charming. Re: Jerry-plenty to worry about him now that he’s been in a wheelchair (sounds too familiar) from a car accident) and is depressed . Shelley lives at Haven and will work on the problems. The story grows in many ways-twists and turns until the HEA. I love this book-can’t believe this little brain wrote it. Best to you, dear friend. Call sometime: 845 624 3260…..for a good time.

  5. I can see Joanne being a worried, but a big pain in the neck!

    I’m not sure if the dog therapy stories are still available, but check with Lindsay Downs. Check his Amazon page, an earlier collection of stories might have it in there, but I know he wrote a lot of stories with dogs as the co-hero, and I think at least one had to do with dogs as therapy. If you can’t find it on Amazon, contact Lindsay via Facebook. He might know where to steer you too!

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