WEWRIWA the Catch

A nor’easter threatens . Charlie tells Tom to head home. He lives in Old Town, a fashionable section of Chicago very near Joanne’s apartment and decides to stop by to see if she’s safe.

excerpt: Tom hung tight to the steering wheel all the way home, strong gusts of wind threatening to blow his car off the road.Ā  Joanne’s red convertible was parked where he’d seen it before, a good sign, so he knocked and knocked harder until he used his one credit card to open the door like on the cop shows. He scanned the small room with his small flashlight and sniffing the stale air he called , “Joanne, are you here?” A voice called out, “Don’t move, I have a gun pointed at you.”

“Put the gun down and I’ll cook cause I’m sure we’re both hungry.”

“Tom, I’m a mess; I took the bar exam and got scared I didn’t pass so I holed up here to wait.”

“It took me three times to pass so get over yourself and let’s eat something.”

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Hi guys, you all know I’m writing a book featuring therapy and rescue dogs. If you have such a pooch and want Vanilla Heart to publish your story, please contact me. I’ll slip it right into the bunch and be ever so grateful.Ā  Thanks so much, Charmaine












34 thoughts on “WEWRIWA the Catch

  1. That could have been a very scary situation for Tom, but he seems to know Joanne very well. Nice snippet! šŸ™‚

  2. I wonder how fast his heart was going when he heard she had a gun on him? Good that he kept the conversation on normal things to calm her. Great writing as usual. Hope your recovery has speeded up, now you’re home.

  3. He is lucky he didn’t get shot! 0.0 I wonder how it affected him when he heard “gun pointed at you,” do you get more into that in the full scene? I’d like to know how scared, or not, he really was šŸ™‚


  4. Kind of ballsy of him to sort of break into her apartment. Surprised me, especially when in the next breath he says he’s a lawyer! Quite the guy, our Tom. šŸ™‚

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