Top lawyer George Arnold called on Joanne for a meeting, an important meeting that made her hair curl. A man, the man who had been so cruel to her years ago wants to see her:  time was up. She called Tom for help; he called Stuart Alfred for  advice and Stuart remembered him kindly enough to jump right in with a plan.

excerpt: Insider trading and I needed the money so when John called and asked that you show up today, I couldn’t refuse. So you be here, understand because he said he was in trouble and needed your help. He said he’d kept a folder on me and you had to be second chair. This is private information so one word gets out and your career at the agency is over.

Everything she’d worked for could go up in flames.  She ached to confide in  Tom needing his warmth and friendship. From now on I carry my gun everywhere.

for good subjects all the time:



Hi from Charmaine Gordon.




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