I’m back in business again with my new computer and everything is working now.

Here’s a new section, guaranteed to enjoy. Shelley, Charlies best friend, and Charlies husband, Jerry are working on healing him after a car accident. Shelley is pregnant and works hard to help Jerry heal. They are up on the mountain taking a walk when her water breaks. Jerry’s in a wheelchair hardly able to help her when suddenly Joanne comes running to help Β with Tom close after. They’ve gone on a date to Lake Michigan and heard the screams from the mountain.

Excerpt:”Water broke; Call 911; and hurry, “she yelled to Jerry.”

“No cell phone up here so what can we do?”

“I’m having babies here; the rest is up to you, Jerry.”

“I’ve got supplies but I can’t get to you, Shel, ’cause I’m crippled.”

“No you’re not;just crawl if you have to but you’re gonna deliver my babies so get the hell over here.”

And suddenly Joanne came racing up, switchblade in hand and warned Shelley she was about to cut her shorts and checkout the scene. Before the next moment happened, Shelley had a red head doll, the next one began contractions. She wrapped the red head to hand her over to Tom.

“What a date!”

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Love to you all, Charmaine





24 thoughts on “WEWRIWA The Catch

  1. Nice snippet; it reminds me of the alien-having-triplets scene in the WIP I just finished tonight. But forget about the computer, Charmaine. are your body parts all in working order now?

  2. Lol, Ed!

    Well, Charmaine, I have to say Shelley and Jerry were very gutsy to go on a hike in their respective conditions. But I guess, with a friend like Charlie, they knew they would be in good hands.

    Enjoy your new computer, and (as Ed so rightly pointed out) continue the good work on getting better.

  3. Glad you’re posting again, dear friend. I agree, that was exciting! Hope you pick up from here, I want to know what else happens. And continue taking good care of yourself πŸ™‚


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