Last week I discussed Shelley’s birth on the mountain followed by Tom and Joanne beginning a  romance on the Lake Michigan Beach.  So a lot is going on and more before the story ends. Tom calls on Stuart Alfred for laywerly help and Stuart accepts.  He writes a script for Joanne when she meets with the disgusting lawyer at the big company. She meets with Tom who goes over Stuart Alfred’s script. She memorizes it and goes to the meeting  where she finds that the man who damaged her years before is ready to blackmail her and  she is ready to fight back.

Excerpt: Tom had some thinking to do as he laid out the tasty spread the best deli in Old Town had prepared for his date. Joanne is someone special;I’m falling more in love with her  so be patient and hope she’ll feel the same way before too long.

“How did you know what to do of rather how did you learn what to do with the delivering the babies?”

“Mother was a midwife and since I was the youngest child, she never left me alone when she had a call so I learned. By the time I was twelve, I delivered five babies and it came natural to me.”

They spread out his towels  laughing at the hula girls and palm trees. Joanne shivered at his touch when he squeezed lotion from the bottle and rubbed some on her arms. Did you ever make sand castles with your thumb?  She admired Tom’s strong fingers  as they dug in the water and using his thumb  he scooped wet sand and kept drizzling funny little marbles he formed until a small castle grew.

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36 thoughts on “WEWRIWA The Catch

  1. It’s nice that she did have that experience and could help during the delivery. Nice snippet!

  2. I could feel their tension, the physical and emotional awareness that sizzled between them. Lovely sample that makes me want more.

  3. Love the romance in this excerpt. Excellent description at the end, building lazy sandcastles with his thumb. I remember doing similar things when I was a kid. 🙂 Beautiful work, my friend! xo

  4. Wow, delivered five babies by the time he was twelve! That’s some achievement. Your snippets are always full of such interesting detail. I have two of your books on my Kindle waiting to be read. Too busy writing at the moment – but will get around to them.

  5. Good dialogue. We’re learning lots about them, Charmaine. 🙂

    His change is simply incredible, from the selfish egotist– to the man falling to his knees. Nicely done!

  6. The contrast between delivering 5 babies before age 12 and then lazily enjoying a peaceful day at the beach. Sand castles with his thumbs…how romantic. It shows some good diversity in the characters. I haven’t made sand castles at Lake MI since I was a kid. What a sweet scene.

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