Last week Tom and Joanne had a sweet moment at the beach. On the drive back to Old Town, Tom had a question about stars. Puzzled Joanne asked if he was serious.”The little stars on your swim suit; I wonder if they’re permanent or did some fall off in the lake?””Are you serious?” “Yes,definitely, it’s a valid question””Counselor, I didn’t count them but may I get back to you once I’ve done the necessary research?””How about tonight?”

Snippets: “Tom, do you have secrets, dark ones you can’t share?”

“Everyone keeps secrets but the answer is NO because I shed mine like a snake out-growing my body on New Years Day. At the toll gate, he collected the ticket and kept on driving.”I’ll take a guess and ask if you’re talking about yourself; you can’t or won’t share secrets or maybe you haven’t met the person to you can trust to tell.”

“I’m locked up with my secrets, Tom and as much as I’d like to be um, closer to you, right now I can’t.”Tom said, “I’m here whenever you need me, I love being with you.”

I want to cry but I’ll wait until I’m in the apartment alone with my gun to remember the man who damaged me maybe beyond repair when I came to this city alone and he pretended to be my friend.

He drew her close; his lips touched hers and the kiss intensified with the wonder of tasting each other for the first time. “Are you trying me on for size? and if so I hope I fit.”TC CVR

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17 thoughts on “WEWRIWA The Catch

  1. I agree with Evelyn, we can’t help but root for these two! You show them as very human and relatable.

    If you’re wondering why you haven’t gotten many comments so far, dear friend, your sign-up link wasn’t quite right. One of our wonderful moderators caught it and it’s now been fixed. Hope you’re feeling well, and that life is showering you with happiness!


  2. “Are you trying me on for size? and if so I hope I fit.” I love that line. Your dialogue is wonderful.

    I hope you recover fully from your fall, Charmaine. My 92 year old father has had a few falls, but so far, no broken bones, thank goodness.

    • It has been a nightmare, really. A broken bone in my back that’s healing, legs that refuse to work right and I was once a real dancer on stage. Now I’m hanging onto the walls , using a cane and a seat.Serious fall.
      Thanks, dear Rachel.

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