When Harry Met Sally

One of the best times I’ve ever had working on a film was When Harry Met Sally. My husband had just died (yes it was a terrible time) but the casting director called me with a job for one week on  this delightful movie. I couldn’t say no. So I packed up a dress to attend the big wedding and got ready.  Call time was early. Lots of friends were there ; best of all was the great cast. My job was to sit at the wedding  and watch the bride walk down the aisle.Later I danced with a nice actor I knew. What a kick to see the well known very funny Carrie Fisher dressed in white. So lovely as she married Bruno Kirby

Rob Reiner , the director, provided many laughs and during the break we all sang It Had To Be you with Carrie Fisher. The brilliant Nora Ephron wrote the script.

Of course, I cried all the way home and managed to finish the week. That’s show biz, folks.


Thinking of you, Charmaine Gordon


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