My first Movie-Working Girl

Call time turned out to be 5 a.m. and I was there, wardrobe and all. We shot at a new building, half built but who cared-World Bldg 7. Understand this is before 911 a block away from the worst tragedy New York had ever seen. I had the job of a secretary. Mike Nickols handed birthday balloons and the cake to me with a warning not to drop anything. I sang Happy Birthday with two other women in honor of Melanie Griffith. Lots of fun especially since I didn’t drop anything per instructions. What a kick! I was a star in my first role!

Here’s the best part. There’s a   rule not to talk to the stars. That never bothered me. I’m a person just as they are-afraid of nothing and no one. During the break, I walked over to Harrison Ford. We  shared a hot dog and sang ,”Don’t know much about history,” a song he sang in Witness. What fun. We danced around, had a good laugh and break ended. A treasure of a moment. I did get my Screen Actors Guild union cards and a decent bunch of dollars for a few days of work. After that, the work began to pour in.

I will reveal some more fun tales on movies, soap operas and even a voice over for Betty White, but that’s another story. Thanks for listening.

Charmaine Gordon

Working Girl film poster.jpg

3 thoughts on “My first Movie-Working Girl

  1. And so much fun. Who’d a thunk I went out and all by myself found a new career after being a mom.All of a sudden I’m on One Life To Live for many years plus a batch of other daytime dramas. Thanks for stopping by.

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