Anthony Hopkins in a stable

The Road to Wellness is the name of the film. What a kick! One month of work at Lake Mohonk upstate New York. A long drive and there we were in a fabulous dinner set in a stable, horses and all with an orchestra. I got the part because I fit the look of the leading lady in that scene. The director gave her hell because she’s a stage actress and delivered her lines the wrong way, to his mind. Personally, I didn’t care because dinner was sumptuous despite the horses. We were dressed to kill, fancy as all get out. My partner , a gentleman I’ve worked with many times before. The music played, the director ranted at the well known actress and Tony knew his lines, as always.

What a night. I’ll never forget fine dining in a stable.

AnthonyHopkins10TIFF – Anthony Hopkins filmography – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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