One Life To Live- a day time Drama

For about thirteen years, I had the pleasure of working on One Life To Live.Many times I was a nurse and then a socialite in a fancy restaurant. Lots of fun. One special day, I was called because I was the only  one who could walk through a swinging door without making a mess. “Charmaine will do it,” the director said and so I did. There were so many humorous moments in daytime dramas and I was there for thirteen years, enjoying every moment. Whether I danced with a nice guy repeatedly, or chatted at tables, the time flew by.Never a dull moment and there was the time that Barbara Walters needed a sub to take her place when she needed someone else and that someone else  was me. It never worked out. She liked to be on camera at all times. Oh well.

Just a tidbit of showbiz this evening.. Best to you all as slowly I heal from the awful fall.


Best to all, Charmaine

8 thoughts on “One Life To Live- a day time Drama

  1. What a great reminder of the complexity in television shows. It’s not just the stars emoting all over the place, often the supporting cast can make or break a show

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