The Beginning. . .Not the End

Patti said, “You’re a grandaddy so where’s my grandaddy, Granny?

I knew where he was; in an urn in the white stone bench in the back of the house facing the ocean.

Instead I said ,”he is in heaven, sweetheart.” Ralph to the rescue, “Let’s go to the beach.”

I selected a swimsuit, not black, grabbed a cut rag from a slip and needles and thread to make a tail for the nice man’s kite.

He held his tattered kite with loving care knowing it would soon soar over the beach with a new tail. I pictured us. . .Stop it; you just met but what a great story this would make.Senior woman meets senior man by chance while on vacation. My publisher waited for a new story and I’m living one

for more delicious snippets:

TBNTE 1 all 3 editions together

50 thoughts on “The Beginning. . .Not the End

  1. Love the connection between the old kite with the new tail that will soon be soaring and the relationship between the two seniors who hopefully will be soaring in their relationship. Loved it, Charmaine.

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