The search for Betty White’s voice

The word was out to everyone but me. They needed Betty White’s voice for a commercial. To my total surprise, I received a call from an agency. “You have the part, my dear. It’s a voice- over and after that there will be a fun job as Golden Girls. Not the real Gold Girls but a commercial of a nutricious drink the women used. And I was to play the funny Betty White.

We were picked up in a limousine, the four of us, as we rehearsed and carried on. The driver took us way down to New Jersey somewhere. I wore a tight white cap, something like George Washington and we began. After a few hours, we finished and got the ride home. The women kept talking about me sounding like Betty White. I was tired and didn’t listen. The next day I got the special call about a voice-over. Big bucks both days, Yippee!

Show Biz folks. You never know which way the money drops.


560297_10151206425011203_1440242168_nlovely lady everyone loves

My best to you all, Charmaine Gordon author of many books lots of Mature Books. Check out The Begginning. . .Not The End a trio of humours storyies of Mature People and one specialty Before The Final Curtain-show biz, my life back then



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