Gene Wilder-a friend. I will miss him

It was a night shoot at a big book store, Brentano’s on Fifth Avenue in New York. To my surprise, there was Gene Wilder holding a copy of Gilda Radner’s book, It’s Always Something. She died of ovarian cancer after a long illness. They loved each other, those two., a beautiful couple. I told him my husband had died recently and how much we enjoyed his work and Saturday Night Live where Gilda Radner was a major star.

Leonard Nimoy directed this film, Funny About Love, riding around on a funny bike on tracks with a camera. Very interesting. In fact the entire evening turned out to be fascinating  and ever after, whenever I was at One Life to Live, taking a walk during lunch, I’d see Gene Wilder and we would hug and wave HI!

You never know who you bump into but this was special. Thanks for listening, folks. It’s a sad day but somewhere, he’s cracking jokes and having fun.


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