A Different Time and Place

Geraldine Ferarro was the first woman to run for vice president in the United States. The man running for president was Walter Mondale. This was back in 1984 in Boston. He said about his running mate, “she was a scrappy campaigner and a gutsy pioneer.” At that time, my family and I had moved to New York and I was a small fish in a big pond. I received a call from a special agent who knew about me and asked if I would play the part of someone important in a commercial. Big secret. I had to be at the studio for a Pepsi Light commercial early in the morning. “Okay,”I said.  And there I was at five in the a.m. , dark one morning with limousines all around and Secret Service Men in the shadows watching over Geraldine Ferrarro and her two grown daughters. My job was to wear her clothes because she was a bit full in the legs. So when the time came, my time, I wore her ring and watch and kissed and hugged her girls. Their response was, “Mom never hugged us so well.”

What a day into night we spent shooting. They made big bucks and I made minimum because I was just a newbie. But I did get my union card and that was the big deal for me. After that I made my insurance every time. What a joy and that was a start, my first start in show biz.

Here’s what happened to her as good as she was. Her husband had a bad reputation regarding making money and that spoiled her reputation. The end of her big political possibilities.

As for me, it was my beginning. I got job after job and never saw the agent again.


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