The Beginning. . .Not The End

Head spinning,I tried to focus.Are we out of control or what; a grandma and a grandpa kissing passionately so what’s the big deal?Yeah like some erotic story tale, uh story. I pictured the book cover: Ralph stripped to the waist, showing what’s left of his muscles, gray hair sprouting here and there on his chest and me the heroine,flabby under arms dangling. Title:Still Hot After All Their Years; Best Seller,:Movie Deal

My practical mind took over. “So you paid for O”Briens and haven’t slept there once.

Ralph rolled over and sighed. “A private moment and you bring up real estate.; where did I go right?

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TBNTE V 2 CVR Vid Clip

37 thoughts on “The Beginning. . .Not The End

  1. LOL! This made me smile. What a super moment between these two. As always your characters seem like folks who could be living in my neighborhood. Wishing you the best of everything, my friend!


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