Saturday Night Live-a surprise

The call was for me to meet a bus for a shoot. Saturday Night Live needed this actor to play a nurse. I can do that and it sounded like fun. Little did I know the hazzards that lie ahead. The person in charge was very intense and when we arrived at the studio, I could see why. There sat Robin Williams with his agent. Usually me, the friendly one, greets the star but I had a feeling he was way too self involved for a hello.

The set-up. His “wife” is having a baby and he wants to take a video of the scene. Okay, I thought. I’m in for it. The camera woman lay on a table, spread legs showed the camera. Yikes, I thought. That must hurt. I did my nurse stuff and watched the scene. Robin used his own dialogue completely ignoring the funny script written for him. The script writer was tearing his hair out. Oh yeah! and then came the birth. The doctor pulled out a doll baby. I knew it was wrong. No skim on the baby that always needs to be washed off. Someone called to me, the expert with the big family. I suggested cottage cheese since they were in a hurry. No extra pay for the cheese idea. Hmm. I should have reported that to my union.

At one point, The Star came near to me. I had a moment and told him a great joke. He didn’t blink or thank me. Two minutes later he used the joke, My joke, on camera and had his adoring audience laughing. Of course. Oh well. That’s show biz and I was just a small fish in a big pond.

Charmaine Photo for Pinterest

Love to all on this grey rainy Friday. Step by step I’m improving.


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