Young at Heart

The limousine drove us to the River Club in Haverstraw where we were seated by the window watching waves beat against rocks as a storm brewed. Me dressed in sweats from rehab and my companion is treated like royalty in this fancy place. Before I unfolded  my cloth napkin, steaming noodle soup appeared like magic.

“Do you enjoy games then?” his blue eyes twinkled with mischief, “like Getting to Know You game.” “You see, I spotted you across a crowded room.”

“We’ve wasted all this time checking each other out when we could have been, I  don’t know, uh, going to the movies or. . .”

“Cuddling up by the fire.”

I laughed almost choking on the noodles gone cold.

A commotion disturbed the peaceful dining room as twin girl raced toward our table calling, “Grumpy, Grumpy.”

His daughter Karen stalked toward the table ignoring me despite Collin’s introduction.

For more good snippets

TBNTE 1 all 3 editions together



38 thoughts on “Young at Heart

  1. Ah, the rude daughter conundrum. Yikes. It will be interesting to see how they both respond to that. It will reveal a lot about their relationship and set the tone for where/if it goes on from here. Nice cliff hanger.

  2. Sorry to be so late in commenting! A nice little moment for them, getting to know each other and then the family breaks into the scene – I love the way you develop these stories. So true to life. HUGS, my friend.

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