Young at Heart

Continued from last week when Collin Brody, wealthy possible new friend had invited Joyce Campbell, illustrator of children’s smash hit book , Super  Bunny and the Lost Cell Phone-eighth book in the series. To make extra money, Joyce began illustrating for erotica publishers. Chloe Long is the name Joyce uses for the erotica world. The latest book she’s illustrating for is titled Lady Be Bad. Collin’s daughter Karen is rude, doesn’t pay attention to Joyce so she leaves, calls for a cab and gets to her old car to drive home. Sad, so sad that she doesn’t belong in his world of wealth.

Collin Brody looked around to see the chair occupied by his charming companion a few minutes before was empty.

“Joyce who?” said daughter Karen busy ordering lunch didn’t look at her father.

The twins said in unison, “Gone Grumpy, the nice lady is gone.”

“When did she leave and why,we were having a good time.”

Mary Jane whispered in his ear, “Grumpy, you didn’t pay ‘tention to her and girls feel bad when boys do stuff like that.”

“Even old boys like you, Grumpy,” her twin said.

Nodding he pulled out his cell phone and called Edgar, “Did you see Mrs. Campbell leave?”


“How did she look?”


for more snippets:

TNBTE V 2 all three formats for announcement










36 thoughts on “Young at Heart

  1. Well, Karen might not like her, but the twins do. I guess Collin is going to have to go after her. Nice snippet! 🙂

  2. Thank goodness for the twins. Karen is a brat. But then that’s the way of teenagers to someone who might take their mother’s place. Nice snippet.

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