The Big Screen

Just when I believed my acting career was over due to spasmodic dysphonia taking my voice away, son Paul, who lives in Denmark with the lovely wife Eva, came to visit. He is a performer, a dance teacher and a swell guy.

Eva stayed in NYC due to a cold while Paul boarded a bus to Pearl River. A man of action, he cleaned up the basement, the garage, and mowed the lawn. Then he put an arm around me. “I have a script for my next show and you, mother, will have a part.”

A script? I haven’t acted in a bunch of years but the show must go on.

“Of course.” I snatched the papers, glasses perched on my nose, and I read as he explained. We went over and over the short part. He plays twin brothers and I play the mother. I can do that! After several ‘takes’ we finished. Here comes the screen part. Are you ready?

“This will be projected on to a large screen in my next one man show in Copenhagen,” Paul said.

I held out my hand. “Union wages, please.” He made my day, my month, my year! and years to come. What a kid.


Charmaine Photo for Pinterest



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