We were tennis partners back then. She had one serious forehand. As for me, I was the strategist and we won and won. Unbeatable for the longest time. Her children were young and mine were big. Nineteen years difference in age are we and laughter always was the key to our success. Mischief like kids. What a time we had for years. Bonded.

We are still loving pals. I cannot begin to express the caring that remains. Of course, the years have seen changes in both of us yet the laughter, the memories surround us in a halo of joy be it on the phone or a visit.

Are you blessed with a friendship such as the one I’ve shared with you? It’s rare so hang on and don’t let go. Do not forget your friend, your relative. Remember how precious he or she is. Keep the love close to your heart.

My best thoughts to all of you.

Love from Charmaine

Charmaine Photo for Pinterest

WDBS Vid clip CVR


2 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. Good friends are very precious. I have one that I met 25 years ago when we were both travelling in Vietnam, and we have been travelling together ever since. We have so much in common – love of travel, opera, ballet, and (unfortunately) buying jewellery! She recently came to stay for a couple of days (she lives in the south of England, I in the Midlands) and we both ended up buying…yes, more jewellery. We have a lot of fun together. I am very glad that you have a special friend too. Life would be much more lonely without them, especially with family scattered across the globe, as they tend to be nowadays. And shared memories are so much better than lone ones. Stay well, Charmaine.

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