A thought about Grandparents

In 1964, does anyone out there recall such a year?, a play titled The Fantasticks opened off Broadway. One song went kind of like this: “Be kind to your parents though they don’t deserve it. . .”

I say: “Be kind to your grandparents-They do deserve it–You see, dear children, age is difficult time of life. We’re apt to be nervous and over excited, forgetting your name causes strife. So keep in mind, though it seems hard I know, one day you will wake up and be a grandparent, too.

Time for this grandmother to tap dance her way to the kitchen where the meds are kept. Yup. That’s what’s ahead for all you munchkins out there so don’t fall down and be sure to love the ones who love you.

My best to all of you,

With love,

Charmaine      Charmaine Photo for Pinterest          TA CVR vid clip



5 thoughts on “A thought about Grandparents

  1. Exactly, Charmaine. I didn’t appreciate my grandparents until they were gone, unfortunately. They died when I was fairly young. I often wish I had had more time to talk to them and ask questions. I hope you are continuing in your recovery. Keep taking the tablets – and the gin as well, if that is your fancy!

  2. My grandmothers are both still alive, and I do wish I lived closer to them both so I could see them more often. I miss them, and the many things we did together when I was younger.

  3. Dear Jessica, that’s the problem–when we move so far away from loved ones. I’m blessed to have daughter so near and yet my youngest son lives in Denmark with his lovely wife. I so enjoy entering daughter’s home and all the kids yell, “Granny,” and run to me. Even my grand dogs carefully wagging tails come close to hover near the fragile me. Best to you, my friend.

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